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Imortal Witch - Baba Yaga in Call of Cthulhu

In the Universe of Cthulhu Mythos, are many witches and warlocks of enormous power that prove to be cunning foes extremely difficult to overcome by the investigators.

Baba Yaga may be one of the most dangerous sorceresses in the setting. It is probable that the witch is immortal by age and that its longevity is due to demonic pacts, obscure powers, the action of mystical artifacts or a combination of several of these methods.

Whatever the truth, and it is possible that we will never know for sure, Baba Yaga is a considerable source of power, information and danger. Fueled by atavistic energies, born in distant times when the power of the ancients was less discreet and overflowed to the mortals who venerated them, she is the living remnant of a primitive time.

Capable of measuring forces against other legendary elders, such as Berchta, Medusa, Hulda, Medea, Cirse and the Lady of White, Baba Yaga was once regarded as an almost divine entity. Their vast influence however, gradually diminished as patriarchal societies and priests of the Christian God entered their dominions. It is not by chance that his eyes burn with murderous fury when he remembers all that he has lost.

It is likely that in rural enclaves, well away from the lights of civilization, she is still revered and her anger appeased through rituals, gifts and even the sacrifice of animals and children. Likewise, those who serve her pray for their help on important matters - for Baba Yaga to give them advice or provide some benefit. It is not at all uncommon for the death of animals, missing children, or sporadic cases of cannibalism to be labeled as events motivated by the Witch, especially if the people who honored her in the past, fail to do so.

In Call of Cthulhu, Baba Yaga can appear in any forest or grove in Eastern Europe. The position of your hut can vary constantly and disappear, emerging in another location at her will. His dwelling appears as a small wooden hut, surrounded by a low wall and with an inviting open fireplace. She can choose any of her classic manifestations (the young girl or the kind mother) to attract and win the trust of visitors. The darkest form, that of the old sorceress she usually keeps for when the illusion of her house disappears, revealing the horror of her macabre den.

In terms of play, Baba Yaga is a formidable opponent. In addition to possess almost inexhaustible strength and endurance, ordinary weapons do not produce any damage used against her, except those made of cold iron. A projectile coated with lead would have the same effect as a steel saber, that is, none. The witch is familiar with a multitude of spells and enchantments in the Mythos traditions. The witch often invokes curses to punish enemies who she dislike and if necessary she conjures up Mythos creatures (byakhees or nightgaunts) to carry away unwanted visitors.

Another potential danger is its strange dwelling that endowed with huge (and seemingly fragile) chicken legs is able to move, engage in chases and crush whoever the witch points at. The strength of this unique and bizarre construction, can not be disregarded, alone it would be able to face several Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath simultaneously and trample them without forgiveness before they could react. In addition to her mobile hut, Baba Yaga is aided by other magical servants: frightening family members, lively trees with long branches and equally scary things she can summon if necessary.

On occasions when she decides to leave her hut and venture into the outside world she prefers to assume one of her human forms, but it is not altogether impossible for her to mount in her flying pylon with the aim of seizing or eliminating an enemy who really awakened his anger. Flying in her pylon, the witch moves with remarkable speed and can easily reach a carriage, a car or even a moving train. If this is the specific circumstance, the witch does not pursue her prey if her cross the borders of Eastern Europe, where resides her power. It is possible that she can't leave this region, or that, outside this boundaries her powers diminish rapidly.

Baba Yaga seems to have developed in recent times (perhaps over the last few centuries) a particular interest in mystical artifacts and ancient objects, especially statuary. Her hut possesses strange works and decadent objects d'art scattered without a specific order.

BABA YAGA, Immortal Witch, Age Unknown,

STR 200
CON 220
SIZ 35
INT 90
POW 270
DEX 50
APP 35

Sanity: 0, HP: 39

Damage Bonus: + 2D6

Armor: Immune to all attacks other than those using cold (non-forged) iron weapons. Spell causes normal damage.

Attacks: 85% Knife, 1d4 + 2d6 damage, 85% Shovel, damage cast the victim in your oven, 85% Pylon, 1d6 + 2d6 damage

Skills: Archeology 100%, Cthulhu Mythos 85%, Cacle Gleefully 100%, History 100%, Persuade 80%, Stealth 90%, Piloting (flying pylon) 100%, Tapestry 100%

Spells: Cloud Memory, Contact Shub-Niggurath, Nightmare, Power Drain, Steal Life, Wrack, and all spells that the Keeper finds appropriate.

Sanity Loss: 1/1d4 by seeing her lair without the illusions.


Unique mystical construction

STR 250
CON 500
SIZ 500
INT ---
POW 70
DEX 65

HP: 250

Damage Bonus: + 5d6

Armor: The legs have armor 5, the rest of the house has protection of 4 points, besides regenerating 2 HP per round.

Attacks: Trample 55% (can hit up to 3 nearby investigators), damage 1d6 + 5d6, Crush 40%, damage 1d10 + 5d6

Sanity Loss: 0/1d6 for seeing the cottage stand on giant legs and walk.

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